Through photography, I have worked to capture my impressions of the majesty and wonder of nature for many years. I began to seriously develop my artform and craft 15 years ago when I jumped at an opportunity to spend time with Canadian photographer Freeman Patterson, whose work since my teen years, has greatly inspired me. In only 7 days at his farm in Shampers Bluff, New Brunswick, my ability to express the impressions and feelings I had always posessed, increased substantially and transformed my photographs. I began to understand how to achieve good visual design - how to organize relationships between lines and shapes in the final image. In subsequent years I learned how to better use light and shadow in expressing the energy of the outdoors from Jack Dykinga, Stephen Patterson, Michael Gordon and Bruce Percy, all well recognized nature photographers.

Through my images, I try to portray how I feel as I photograph, and hope to express an appreciation for the profound beauty that exists in the natural world. Despite my great enthusiasm, photography remains a part-time endeavor for me. I give it as much attention as I can though of course, I would like to give more.

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